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 PIK and I.

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PostSubject: PIK and I.   Sun 16 Mar - 22:20

Some of you ppl here may have doubted that I could take Pik which is a resonable assumption considering that everytime him and I are in a game he kills me quite a bit. So let me explain why this happens. When Pik and I are in a server with just a few ppl he automatically comes in with a latency of 300. I don't know y but whenever I come into contact with someone who has that much latency I lag really bad. So Pik and I went to an empty server and well.................................I hate to disappoint yall but here it is. Embarassed He is really good so good that he hurt my hands!

We have a scheduled rematch next week for 20 kills.
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PostSubject: Re: PIK and I.   Mon 17 Mar - 23:07

Great job Calin, I had faith in you brotha. Glad to see those results and I am looking forward to next weeks match results as well.
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PostSubject: Re: PIK and I.   Tue 18 Mar - 22:25

good job farao
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PostSubject: Re: PIK and I.   

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PIK and I.
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