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PostSubject: TUFF GAME   Tue 22 Apr - 0:16

Shocked Amen your one tough dude to kill.. DAMN!!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: TUFF GAME   Tue 22 Apr - 0:43

i died 21 times so i guess i;m not.
pretty bad day today.
Ratio sucked like crazy.
I was getting killed by superman...................i mean..........come on.
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Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf

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PostSubject: Re: TUFF GAME   Tue 22 Apr - 7:14

It was a weird day yesterday....don't know how they were doing for anyone else....I stayed at top or close to it on all the maps I played,,,,,but I was having hell. All the maps yesterday seemed to be running crappy. People jerking around instead of moving.....People that you'd see them, then before you could blink you was dead by shotty. People you'd empty a shotty into or clip and a half, looked on my screen like I was hitting them,,,,,but taking forever to get them to die. Seemed to be lots of people on yesterday with 2 to 300 latency's. Anyway I think Kuma just flat sucked yesterday.
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PostSubject: Re: TUFF GAME   

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